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A video about the work of Radio Rasant, produced and transmitted by the German WDR- TV. File: 75 MB


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You will find some links to our audio files here. All programmes are one- hour radio programmes usually. But we have to cut off the music used into these programmes originally. These music is chosen by the students and their choise is often concerned with the topic. Sorry, but we have to delete that music. Using these audio- links you will leave the Radio Rasant- website!

The following audio- files are available:


German synchronized version

This programme was relayed the first time in 2008 as a collaboration of different students groups from all around the world. More than 200 students were operating together to create this programme. They finally presented a 2 hours programme we split into two one- hour- programmes. You can listen to both programmes using the following link:

PART 1:  Tape: mp3- audio- file; Size: 32,86 MB; Length: 28 minutes 39 seconds; Channels: 2 (stereo); Bit Rate: 160 kbps.

PART 2: Tape: mp3- audio- file; Size: 42,46 MB; Length: 39 minutes 59 seconds; Channels: 2 (stereo); Bit Rate: 148 kbps.


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The new EC- member- country Poland

German synchronised version

This programme was relayed in 2005 after Poland became a new member- country of the European Community. The students from Trzemeszno (Poland), Luxembourg and Sundern (Germany) reported about the hopes and fears people in Poland (as a new member country), Luxembourg and Germany (as old member countries) faced with this new membership.

Tape: mp3- audio- file; Size: 19,45 MB; Length: 15 minutes 51 seconds; Channels: 2 (stereo); Bit Rate: 171 kbps.


Climate Change

German synchronised programme

About 100 students from Africa, Europe and South- America prepared a common radio programme about the situation of climate change in 2006/2007. The students introduced their countries and described projects and campaings how the people in each country try to find  solutions.


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German programme

This programme was relayed in 2006 the first time. The students reported about drugs in general and had the opportunity to take an interview with a recovered "junkie", who reported about his life during that period of time and about his actual situation of life.

Tape: mp3- audio- file; Size: 11,84 MB; Length: 9 minutes 20 seconds; Channels: 2 (stereo); Bit Rate: 177 kbps.


School at 9 o'clock

German synchronized version

This programme were relayed in 2006 the first time. Scientists has done statements after science researches that students are impossible to learn in the early morning. Instead of that school should start at 9 o'clock in the morning. The youth reporters took interviews with these scientists from Germany and the USA and try to face the problems if you try to realise this late start in the morning at German secondary schools.

Tape: mp3- audio- file; Size: 12,49 MB; Length: 9 minutes 44 seconds; Channels: 2 (stereo); Bit Rate: 179 kbps.

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A Dream- school

German- French coproduction (bi- lingual)

After the youth reporters prepared the "School at 9 o'clock"- programme they got the opportunity to travel to France where a French collège hosted them. The Germans attended the French Collège Public Sainte Appolline, Courdimanche, which started at 8.30 h in the morning. Together with their French partners they try to find a "Dream- School" comparing good and worth elements of both school systems, adding further elements which might be useful but were not launched in both systems.

But the result of that programme was completely different to its goals. Listen to this programme, produced in the studios of Radio R.G.B. from Cergy- Pontoise, France, finally relayed in France and in Germany at the same time.

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You can listen to music for entertainment. But music can also be a bridge builder to different cultures. To what kind of music did students listen in Germany and France? Where can I listen to music? What did music mean to me? These and other questions should be answered during this programme, produced in the studios of Radio R.G.B., Cergy- Pontoise, France, as a bi- lingual programme (German - French). The students from Radio Rasant and the students from Collége Public Sainte Apolline, Courdimanche, prepared a common bi- lingual song they involved into their programme.

Tape: mp3- audio- file; Size: 39,85 MB; Length: 32 minutes 5 seconds; Channels: 2 (stereo); Bit Rate: 173 kbps.

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